Blue Dot uses a client/server model. The BlueDot class starts a Bluetooth server, the Blue Dot application connects as a client.

The detail below can be used to create new applications (clients); if you do please send a pull request :)


Communication over Bluetooth is made using a RFCOMM serial port profile, on port 1, using UUID “00001101-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb”.


The transmission is a 1-way stream from client to server; the server sends no acknowledgements or data back to the client.

All messages between client and server conform to the same format:



  • operation is either 0, 1 or 2:

    • Blue Dot released.
    • Blue Dot pressed.
    • Blue Dot pressed position moved.
  • x & y specify the position on the Blue Dot that was pressed, released, and/or moved.

    • Positions are values between -1 and +1, with 0 being the centre and 1 being the radius of the Blue Dot.
    • x is the horizontal position where +1 is far right.
    • y is the vertical position where +1 is the top.
  • \n represents the ASCII new-line character (ASCII character 10).


If the blue dot is pressed at the top, the following message will be sent:


While the blue dot is pressed (held down), the user moves their finger to the far right causing the following message to be sent:


The button is then released, resulting in the following message:


If positions cannot be sent, x and y will still be sent but will default to 0.