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Blue Dot allows you to control your Raspberry Pi projects wirelessly - its a bluetooth remote and zero boiler plate (super simple to use :) Python library.

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Created by Martin O’Hanlon, @martinohanlon,


Install and usage is really simple:

  1. Get the Android or Python Blue Dot app

  2. Pair your Raspberry Pi

  3. Install the Python library

  4. Write some code:

    from bluedot import BlueDot
    bd = BlueDot()
    print("You pressed the blue dot!")
  5. Press the Blue Dot

See the getting started guide to ‘get started’!


The Blue Dot is a joystick as well as button, you can tell if the dot was pressed in the middle, on the top, bottom, left or right. Perhaps create a BlueDot controlled Robot.

Why be restricted by such vague positions like top and bottom though, you can get the exact x, y position or even the angle and distance from centre where the dot was pressed.

Its not all about when the button was pressed either - pressed, released or moved they all work.

You can press it, slide it, swipe it - one blue circle can do a lot.

Even more

The online documentation describes how to use Blue Dot and the Python library including Recipes and ideas.


Production - under active development. Be sure to raise an issue if you have a feature request or experience problems.